Sunday, July 16, 2006

Another Iranian Grab for Time? - I'm Afraid So!

The Iranians suddenly, post UN resolution, seem to feel the proffered deal from the Euro-American side is worth basing discussion upon!

Oh No......not another round of fruitless discussions.

Capt. Ed has details of the deal....and a hope.

I am not so sold.....I believe quite firmly that the Iranian answer is just another...."let me drag you into another round of three months of fruitless planning, disagreement-on-format, aimless discussions" to allow us more time for building the damn bomb!

They are just masters at this and have managed to take this thing along for three years plus now and still are no more, perhaps less, compliant than ever before. But, we still cling to the discussion mode as a possibility.


Not now....not in the future, not EVER! These animals of the government and clerical divisions of Iran are playing the world like a banjo with one string.....the same note is played over and over, and each and every time the world greets their proclimations of possibility as a new breakthru. NOT!

Call me the pessimist and then we'll see who is right in 60-90 days when they reject the talks due our lack of a good proposal....i.e.; letting them do as they please anyway!