Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Maybe it's the Borders Too!

Over at Capt Ed's place the story is the fact of a new poll showing Pres Bush at 40%....a MAJOR upage since a few weeks back....and, Ed feels it is due a Demo effort at "cut and run".....Read it!!!

While I agree with Ed on his point of view...I feel there is more.

This may seem a bit obtuse, but read and heed and see if I might be right.

The Dem opposition to staying the course in Iraq is a definite in the surge by Bush. However, I feel there is a second, sort of subliminely-hidden message related to what GOP faithful are reading....

A) The Demo opposition

B) The GOP opposition......NOT to cut and run, but to the Immigration plans of Bush!

Is it really unreasonable to find the the GOP faithful are both Bush supporters, and in opposition to him on immigration? NOPE! Is it then less obvious that the House "stick-by-the-guns" demonstration on facing 1st the method of immigration, and then the fact of those present , seems to have won major support and even an aquiesence by Bush....a comfort factor allowing the faithful to return to the ranks, assured that the House will give them Immigration satisfaction, and thus the Bush doctrine is not a force.?????

Crazy rhetoric?

I hope not and feel not.