Monday, July 03, 2006

1500 to 1 - The Odds Tell the Tale!

"Your people are so valuable that we wish to have 1,500 of ours in replacement of 1 of yours!"

This tells a tale.....a big tale.....a tale of values.

The Islamofascists/Hamas Terrorists/ et al ....

They speak from the standpoint of who values who and how much.

They know they have no bargaining power. Just one lonely 19 year old soldier. The Terrorists still value him so very much they feel the Isrealis will trade for hundreds in return.

Perhaps they do not believe this. Perhaps they never plan to relase the young Isreali soldier. Perhaps he is already dead of the rumored 3 bullet wounds, and they are playing for time to try to stop the Isrealis from responding to "declared war" with "declared war"....

Who knows, but the facts are that the terrorists have bitten off more than they can chew in terms of what they will reap from this "tunnel and take" gambit.

Now the end game approaches, and top Hamas leaders will not be taken....they will be killed!

Now the furor from the UN enters, and they decry the terrible Isreali folk while ignoring the continuing threats/action by the Palestinian "Clueless Brigades".....

Time for Isreali resolve, and the perhaps-loss of a lone soldier to kill off the leaders of the terrorist Hamas in exchange......

Watch Palestine them kill the Liberal UN and the rest of the Liberals (read France, particularly) react with horror that the Isreali people will actually seek to defend themselves.

Idiocy from the from the UN.

Abandon the UN!


Let them howl in pain and scream for support.....let them decide what they need for terrorist organizations/nations, or U.S.A. funds......

Make the statement NOW!

Mad, you bet I am.....tired of my tax dollar supporting Anti-American UN policies and statements!

Nuff said