Sunday, June 25, 2006

Perspective on NYT "Expose" & Trivialization!

The NYT is apparently playing the chicken game with the President and AG. They think they will be excused, forgotten or dismissed as too strong to tackle....despite an obvious action of sedition or near-sedition.

The entire thing hinges upon focus, and perspective. Jim Dunnigan at Strategy Page places the perspective: "Trivializing the enemy is another dangerous journalistic tactic. Many of the Islamic terrorists are basically amateurs. The bunch rounded up in Miami recently are starting to be portrayed as victims, rather than threats. However, if one or two FBI supervisors had zigged instead of zagged back in early 2001, and the 19 or 20 911 terrorists would have been rounded up. It would have been very easy for enterprising journalists to portray this as an overreaction by the FBI. After all, who could take seriously this plan to simultaneously hijack four aircraft and crash them into buildings? It was all too absurd, and another example of the excessive police power of the government.">

Dunnigan continues with a summation of the situation: "These traitors will continue to get away with it. Unless their activities are shown to assist terrorists in a particularly direct and obvious way, scary stories about potential perils will continue to protect those attacking the counter-terrorism effort. By blurring the line between legitimate dissent and active assistance to the enemy, political opportunism has sunk to new lows."

The time for action by the administration and Attorney General Gonzalez is NOW!

Read Dunnigan's entire piece here!

Damn this is really making about half the nation angry.....can we organize and direct that anger? Don't know!