Friday, June 16, 2006

3rd Party?

Actually, to be fair, we have four parties already.....perhaps more....Libertarians, Greens, etc. However, there are only two "Real" contenders for party status.

I am amazed this is still true to such an extent.

Massive disbelief in both parties and their elected representatives; lack of any feeling of really being represented by anyone elected from your area; etc.

We have no faith in our government. We believe in our country. We believe in our constitution, however there is much to be done to bring us back as a people dedicated to that country. We have now a GOP dedicated to perpetuating their control and their "pork" baskets overflowing, all the while expanding government and budget instead of the supposed GOP mantra of reduce government and debt. We have a DEM party dedicated to extreme left "multiculturalism", and belief that we, as a nation, need to be more like the failed governments/economies/politics of Europe.

In my earlier piece on the rage growing in this country, I spoke of something intangible at this point which seems to be coming.....In the comments to that piece, Chris Muir commented succinctly...

"Man, we need more Parties"

AMEN! Why are we not hearing more about this?