Tuesday, May 30, 2006

How Do We Address Illegal "Protectionism?"

Here are some cogent facts....

Illegal Mexicans enter the USA by the hundreds of thousands across the Mexican/American border.

Mexico, the country, and their leader, Vincente Fox (In the Hen House?) actively support and encourage illegal immigration.

Mexico, the country, and their leader, Vincente Fox (In the Hen House?) actively support STRONG military enforcement of anti-immigration.....at their southern border!!!

While enforcing this strong protection for the Mexican southern border, they also impose a prison term of up to two years for violators!

Illegal Mexicans send home enough BILLIONS of US dollars annually to exceed the gross national Mexican export of agricultural goods!!! (Estimate by some in-the-know is 20 Billion)

The social/healthcare/economic cost of the illegals in the USA annually is estimated at 26 billion dollars!

Thus the annualized cost to the USA for these Illegals is about 46 Billion Dollars!!!

Those benefitted by the illegals presence in the USA? - Businesses who use these folks, while pretending they are legal, and pay them the lowest wage with which they can succeed....


As I see it, we, the taxpayers are being asked to deliver to Mexico and its citizens 46 Billion Dollars annually to benefit some businesses in the USA which otherwise would have to pay the prevailing wage to hirees....


Well, for one thing, it is the fact that a sitting President, and a majority of the US Senate are willing to enforce this idiocy by trying to tell us they will solve the problem by proposing to do the SAME thing that was proposed in 1986..........Something already on the books....except, of course, for the "stair-steps to legalization".....A-M-N-E-S-T-Y!!!!! By ANY other name!

If you can locate your House representative's name, give him a call...an email...or BOTH to let them know you also feel, as they do, that criminals must first be recognized and identified... then a FENCE must be built.....not across 1/7th of the border....but instead across ALL of the border.

This is life-shaping........no, it is country-shaping as it means we could find illegals here again in 10 more years at double to triple the 12-20 million now in the USA....without penalty!

This is Country-threatening stuff folks!