Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Quiet Rage - Maybe Not So Quiet!

In his Piece at RCP (Real Clear Politics), John McIntyre speaks of the "quiet rage" growing:

"There is a quiet rage building among average middle class folks on the illegal immigration issue, and if the Republican leadership doesn't take control of the problem very soon they will allow the more extremist wings of the anti-immigration debate to become the face of the Republican party on immigration. That would be a disaster for GOP hopes to grow their new found majority in the years to come."

He continues......

"It is clear that most in the Washington establishment are living in a bubble when it comes to where the average American is on illegal immigration."

It seems to me that is the current story of the entire political scene. Dems and Reps are both living in their little bubble and either ignoring the true public position/perception, or following the basic referred ruls as outlined in a Chris Muir cartoon recently as he mis-quoted Mr. Hastert, "With only two choices? Voters have nothing to lean on!" The problem is that seems to be their attitude.

Read the entire piece by McIntyre and understand!

Time for a wake up call folks......anybody in Washington got an alarm clock?