Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hastert is W-R-O-N-G !!!!!

Man-o-man, Will someone in Washington tell the Republican leadership to get their collective heads out of their axxes?

Hastert is so bent upon losing this fall that he seems to have become the Dems secret weapon.

Let's examine just how roughshod the DOJ was in their quest to search the offices of Mr. Jefferson, that pillar of salt from Louisiana.

1st, there was a search warrant issued by a federal judge

2nd, The FBI team which searched Mr. Jefferson's office was not connected to the case. This team searched under strict search warrant limits which allowed them only items which were connected to the case.

3rd, the team left the offices and passed the information to a new FBI team, also not connected with the case, which reviewed the materials gathered to insure they were within the warrant guidelines.

Only then did the information get passed to the FBI team involved in the actual case.

Talk about treading softly!

Check the full story as offered by Andrew McCarthy!

In the face of this outline, it will be interesting to see if Hastert continues his suicide mission. Most likely he will.

Does anyone else notice that the GOP is becoming as loud and abusive and without common sense as a certain donkey party?

Shame on them!