Sunday, May 21, 2006

Saudi Duo Has Bond Revoked!

It seems the two Saudi men who boarded a yellow school bus bound for Wharton High School here in Tampa have created some genuine concerns.

Judge Monica Sierra revoked the $250 bail set for the two and ordered them held without bail until a Tuesday hearing. The reasons include lack of a clear explanation of their intent. The State's Attorney's office wants time to find out more about the pair who apparently lied several times to authorities.

Here is the local story on the judge's action and the current situation involving the two young men: go and read....

This is a quite scary situation. How is a bus driver going to defend a bus load of students in the event someone boards and takes control? Perhaps a silent alarm on each bus to trigger awareness at the bus offices would not be out of line. After all, what damage could a terrorist produce commandering a bus full of local high school/grade school studnets. I don't wish to think too far in that direction.

Michelle Malkin has also concerns about the situation and covers it well in her exploration of the developing story.

As a grandparent of 9; 6 of whom are in school and ride buses....I am concerned. The media needs to take this as seriously as they should have Saudis and others trying to learn to fly in the USA!