Wednesday, May 10, 2006

An Impeachable Offense!

Ignore the WMD controversy.

Pay no heed to the many faults, misreading, etc. of Iraq information pre-during and post war.

Ignore the other so-called impeachment potentials by our waaaaaay left Demos.

However, there seems to me to be substantial justification for an impeachable offense against GWB based on his lack of enforcement of the laws regarding the Mexican Border....and....on the complicit involvement in communicating to Mexico both where the Minutemen are patrolling, and how to avoid reporting on Minuteman successes.

Mr. President, you are irrational and out-of-touch with your entire country (except, of course, your beloved 13 million...and growing hourly....illegals)!

Jump with me to DailyPundit who has the story, and then follow the comment trail. It is priceless, and delves deeply into the problem and Bush's possible exposure.

This issue bothers me more than any other of the Bush Presidency. Check my earlier posts:

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This is a field of complete idiocy by this administration.