Friday, March 31, 2006

Viva La....Whatever!

The idiocy of the folks who are perpetrating (yes, that is an appropriate word) the Mexican displays of anti-American activities are absolutely beyond belief to main-stream America.... and the funny thing is these idiots do not know that they are really, really, pissing off the very people they hope to influence!

Speaking of being out-of-touch.....Capt Ed has the details.

It gets WORSE!!!!!

Try Michelle Malkin's post and her pics are astounding...

The opinion is not bad either....

Folks we are in the midst of the French equivalent of their "Muslim revolt" is just one of the Mexicanos who now feel California is part of Mexico.

Is there a snow-balls-chance-in-hell that Bush will recognize this. NOT!
He is so hung on the idea of amnesty that he will not abandon the thing even in the face of absolute evidence that the very folk he wants to give amnesty are not interested....They want California, and perhaps a border state or two...

What the HELL is going on folks......?

We must be approaching a European "out-of-touch" level>>>>