Monday, March 27, 2006

"The March of The Illegals".....

Between Power Line and Mickey Kaus, there is a fine exploration of the strange story offered by the LAT on the march. Seems they are blind to Mexican flags, and cannot count the US flags.....check it out thru PowerLine.....

Then read a lot more at Michelle Malkin'ssite.

Seems to me we are being invaded much as the Europeans. Not all is fine and dandy with the illegals who protested....many claiming California is "their" homeland, not ours....Many more showing threatening signs.

The LAT, however, only seems to see fine folks out for a friendly demonstration while all-the-while waving American flags about gaily.

Focus LAT.....but then, I guess you are....on the Latino/Mexican community which must now be a majority of your remaining, dwindling readership.

You might help yourselves if you convinced more of them to learn English as a language.....of course, you could always just print a Spanish newspaper and drop your English version. The folks who line their bird cages with the LAT won't know, not care about, the difference. damn bet I am. America 1st.....Americans 1st. You DO NOT become an American by strolling/running across a border from your country and working illegally here.