Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dance - Dance - Dance!

Today begins the madness. Well, actually I suppose one could say it began last fall. The many teams who thought they could win it all, plus the few who didn't think they could but are now "at the dance", all being included in the winnowing down from the invitees to the finalists of March Madness.

At work our little group of four guys plus a former fellow employee, now at U of Florida working, all lay out our forms and predict (guesstimate) the finals.

Seems a strange year......all five agree on the upper brackets (Atlanta & DC) where we all have Conn & Duke running thru to the final four. All five also predict Duke to win it all. This, of itself, probably dooms Duke to an early departure.

I see my Illini losing third round to Connecticut.

The interesting part are the other two brackets...Oakland and Minneapolis. Across the five sheets we have three differing views on Oakland (Gonzaga(2), Memphis(1) & Kansas(2)). In Minneapolis we have three also, but more universal agreement (Villanova(3), and one each for Florida and Boston College).

Today it begins and I have a race on my hands. I am trying to wire my new HDTV & Surround Sound systems prior to the evening games.

One of the fun times of the year! Go Big 10!!!!


Update: Fun 1st day! A few surprises, and the Illini bench performance makes me wonder if I abandoned them too soon to Conn?

Got the HDTV up, but not the surround sound.....Used TV sound. The remote for this thing takes about a year to learn.