Friday, March 10, 2006

No Idea on Gitmo Detainees!

I helped (?) Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters with his review of Gitmo folk for the appropriateness of their detention.

I am sorry to say, there was simply not sufficient information on these folks to be fair and objective.

My Packet (#8) was for 7 men. Of those, I ended with 3 recommended detainees, 2 releases and 2 "I don't knows".....

The information was highly redacted, and lacking many critical pieces.

The idea is good, however, if this is the information upon which a report recommending most detainees be released was based....the report is a joke!

Here is Ed's original post.

And here is Dafydd's answer concerning his group of reviewed detainees. My interpretation was not much different than Dafydd's.


Update: Thx to Capt. Ed for his kind use of a quote and linking to this post in his update on the effort today at Captain's Quarters.