Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mr. President, Where Are You?

I am one of the last to face the fact that GWB is, in fact, arrogant.....To the point of ignoring most of his party to do what he deems necessary. I, at first, attributed this to a certain quality of resolute determination....but given his completely tone-deaf support for the Dubai Ports deal, I am moving quite rapidly to the position of feeling he is simply STUBBORN!.....

"It is my idea, and you'd better support it!"

The nice thing is, we are seeing a GOP defection the likes of which Bush has never seen, and I am sure either mystifies him, or angers him to the core.

He needs to do as he was forced to do about Meirs....."get with the plan", and recognize the folks who have given him his base for so long, and follow thru with a new decision to abandon the doomed ports deal!