Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ports - No Starboard Side on This One!

This morning, early, Little Duke and I conversed about the ports issue. We agreed we were somewhat flumoxed about where to land, if indeed we needed to land at all.

Now, I feel differently. It is because of a cogent arguement offered by Neal Boortz in his daily web posting. He gives details of the reasons, and even questions why GWB would invest his first and ONLY veto in this issue. I agree with Boortz in most of what he puts forth. This has led me to join the ranks of the anti-agreement folk. Politically this is a situation which Bush purports to offer as necessary to demonstrate the positive communication between UAE and USA. Politically, I feel this could cost Bush and possibly the GOP generally as an abdication of his single strong suit for the 06 elections....the same one he won with in 04...The terrorism in our face and the fact that the GOP is the only party seen as strong enough on terrorism to keep us safe.

Read Boortz entire piece and see if you do not agree!


UPDATE: Now it turns out, as announced by FOXNEWS, that GWB DID NOT know about the Ports deal until AFTER his administration had approved it. He is a Johnny-come-lately in the deal. That is NOT good, and does not bode well for the future of the issue. In fact, given a Rovian look at things, this might be his OUT! Now he can bail as "I was not informed" becomes the mantra. Eh? Read the FOX piece HERE!