Saturday, February 18, 2006

Pappy's Scholarship Fund

A bruhaha reflecting the liberal agenda taught in most of our kids/grandkids colleges today has erupted at The University of Washington. A few days ago a member of their student senate opposed a campus monument to the famous WWII pilot, Pappy Boyington...a UW Graduate and person who accomplished much in his life despite the war and a long internment in a prisoner of war camp. Her reason; he was a marine!

The blogosphere has latched onto the story.

Neal Boortz has followed it and came up with a fine idea.....a school scholarship to honor Pappy and to be given to soldiers/veterans or their children. He promised $5,000 to the fund if anyone did establish it....his latest on this is available here.

Michelle Malkin reports the scholarship fund has been established in her latest on the issue.

I am sending a small donation to insure this scholarship is established and remains in the face of the idiocy of youth so anti-military as to not realize both what the idea of no military would mean to our country founded and insured for 200 years by that military, and illogically believing that those who served are not worthy of recognition. A truly sad state of affairs in education.

Join in! at this site.