Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cheney, Cheney, Cheney....Is There Nothing Else?

Back from the cruise and the Cheney shooting incident is in control of 50% of the news (the portion not dedicated to the Olympics....a real story).

I cannot help but wonder what would have been the news story if i had been the shooter? I came close once, back in my early teen years....in fact I might still have been 12. It was a cold Central Illinois day while walking an open-to-the-wind levee. My hands were so cold that as I pulled up on a sitting rabbit my shotgun discharged and the pellets hit the hard-packed snow at the feet of my Uncle Chet. No damage, but with a few more inches, he'd have had a serious foot wound.

Now I wonder what the story would be in the media, if it was ever reported. Perhaps a one inch blurb in the local rag?

Cheney is getting more than his fair share, and the media love it. Somehow I cannot picture "Jimma", or "Bill" getting the same treatment. (Did Bill ever actually hunt any wild game?...and by that, of course, I mean furry critters with four legs!)

Perhaps something more like "accidental shooting in minor incident".....

Sound about right for the MSM?

Get over it folks....it was a minor accident and so much gleeful reporting from the media is beyond belief. Asking him to make a major announcement to the media within hours is beyond the pale.

Good thing the Olympics occupied so much media. That way we avoided, at least so far, having a reporter standing at ground zero demonstrating the positions of the participants and the resultant damage!

These media folks need to seriously think about getting a life!


UPDATE: From the Tuesday blog of Neal Boortz'some additional thoughts identifying just how far afield the Cheney shooting incident has become with the MSM:

"Maybe it's just me, but while Iran is trying to get its hand on a nuke; while armed and uniformed Mexicans are shooting at U.S. law enforcement personnel along our borders; while congress is spending us into oblivion --- I somehow find it hard to get worked up over how we learned that Dick Cheney bagged an attorney. So .... How about a big "who cares" here?

Wait! Let's not forget the controversy about Cheney not paying $7 on his Texas hunting license to be able to shoot the type of bird he was hunting. Here's an idea: if you shoot a person when you're hunting, how about suspending that person's hunting license? Just a thought."