Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It Ain't Bout the Cartoons!!!!

The media focus is hard-wired to the cartoons and their publication.

That is old news by months.

What is new is the efforts made by a number of Imams of Denmark, traveling amongst their fellow Islamists, and using the cartoons, as well as some they added on for good measure (three never even published). I happen to wonder if they were also the distributors of the hundreds of Danish flags which have been burned (Not sure about you, but here in Tampa I'd be hard-pressed to find a Danish flag...except as a small sticker on the back of someone's car).

Jay Tea at WizbangBlog makes the summary some major news source in the USA should have made days ago....and you need to read his summation!

Here it is:

Those original 12 cartoons were not solicited, published, or sanctioned by any state, but by a newspaper exercising its rights to free speech and free press. No government in the world has any right to interfere with that, and no place apologizing for it. Those who are demanding such action are betraying their fundamental misunderstanding of how the West works.

I know how silly it might seem for such a huge row to develop out of twelve simple cartoons. But it is not about the cartoons themselves, but a far greater issue: we are being demanded to submit to the dictates of a religion, to subsume our own rights as endowed to us by our Creator (to coin a phrase) to placate the laws of a faith that the vast majority of us do not ascribe to.

Some -- mainly in the media -- have already demonstrated their willingness to shoulder the yoke, to willingly put on the shackles, and knuckle under to these demands -- expressed with threats of violence -- out of "sensitivity" or "respect."

Others, however, are drawing their line in the sand. "No," they say. No to submitting, no to bartering away their rights, no to surrender.

The traditional response to such stiff-necked resolve is usually the sword. We've seen that time and again in Afghanistan and Iraq, and in the calls for beheading.

Bring it on.

Time to reach out and verbally touch this agenda-driven drivel. Time to recognize the Islamofascists have rapidly learned how to use the leftist-liberals among us to carry forward their agenda by cloaking it in bleeding-heart positions and statements.