Monday, February 06, 2006

Europe Awakes? Well, so offers....

...Victor David Hanson in a piece on Real Clear Politics today.

"It is not the capability but the will power of the Europeans that has been missing in this war so far. But while pundits argue over whether the European demographic crisis, lack of faith, stalled economy, or multiculturalism are at the root of the continent’s impotence, we should never forget that if aroused and pushed, a rearmed and powerful Europe could still be at the side of the United States in joint efforts against the jihadists. And should we ever see a true alliance of such Western powers, the war against the fascists of the Middle East would be simply over in short order."

Mr. Hanson goes deep into the justification for his views, and offers compelling arguements. I find them certainly in focus even while not agreeing with his interpretation of the degree of readiness by the Europeans to tackle the Islamic extremists more directly.

You can read the whole thing here,