Thursday, February 02, 2006

What if?????

What if President Carter had been a President G. W. Bush when the Irani idiots took our people captive?

What if President Bush had then invaded/bombed/destroyed the Iranian mullacracy?

What if.....well, folks that is enough.

Bush would have either recovered the captives, or destroyed the idiotic Mullahs who took them within days. Thus the Iran of today would not be! He would have handed the reformists of Iran a new Democratic country! & he would have done so with the same grace and attention we have given the Iraqi people...

Think it thru, my friends......

It all makes sense, and makes clear the MASSIVE failures of Jimmy Carter, and also adds to the legacy of this person who occupied the White House for TOO many years, and to this day finds no reason to hate a despot!

Mr. Jimmy.....go pick peanuts, and just leave the field!

Meanwhile we are left with the pickings of an Iran seeking to have nuclear bombs......Shame, Jimmy, Shame!