Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hello, Can WE not protest as well???

I am getting REALLY tired of the protests around the world by Muslim folk who find the cartoons of the Danish newspaper to be so very offensive as to provoke such thoughts as to KILL the perpetrators, kill and/or behead the folk associated with a particular country.

Does not anyone else see the complete idiotic picture this represents?

Where is the Ancient Media in terms of mentioning that the same Muslim folk who are yelling the loudest have countenanced the publication, in Muslim papers, of cartoons which degrade and display a complete lack of respect for the Jewish and Christian (particularly Catholic) religions?

Time for an attack of our own.....

I respect the Michelle Malkin "blogburst" against such activities, however, it is TIME for us to reach out the ALL the Ancient Media, and ask them WHY the division of coverage of Muslim cartoons vs anti-Christian/Jewish cartoons?

This is entirely too one-sided and too much smacking of Liberal idiocy!

Where is KOS on this????

I looked on their site, and they seem not disposed to find any cartoons pro-or-con!

Wonder why???/