Sunday, February 19, 2006

If We Just Beat The Dead Horse Long Enough!

According to Matt Drudge the Old Media folk are going to continue to pound the dead story of VP Cheney for yet another week.

He tells of two major news (er...Editorial clothed as news) magazines for this coming week on today's page.

Clueless in Washington, and other locales as well!

Cannot the media folk read polls? Do they seriously believe that by continuing the coverage their impact will be change in the minds of the public? Do they not know from history that such obscene use of their "entitlement" ends up each and every time by undermining their terrible "believability" ratings...OF COURSE they do! They even admit the same in the Drudge coverage above; however, they continue blindly on and fail to recognize the basic precepts of the media's job as so very succinctly put by Instapundit:

"They keep forgetting that it's their job to tell us stuff, not to decide what we shouldn't be told."

I doubt they truly forget, they just cannot bring themselves to believe they are no longer driving the news engine. There are too many alternative sources with much broader coverage; a much higher accountability factor; and, a multitude of coverage sources to ensure truth.