Friday, February 24, 2006

Where's The Beef? (& Potatoes, etc.)

Now its reported again.....the U.N. Peacekeepers have been engaged in the rape thing STILL!

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters has a story that tells enough details.

However; and color me stupid here if I am missing something; WHERE's the BEEF! The beef from someone who will step forward and tell the tale of these transgressions in a loud and firm voice A-N-D while doing so make a comparison of the U.N.'s stonewalling of these stories while loudly proclaiming to one and all of the world the "allegded" transgressions of the USA at Gitmo?

Why does not John Bolton step forward and proclaim loudly this comparison?

Why does not the "new kid of anticipated greatness", Barak Obama step forward and demand some comparison from the U.N.?

Why does not President Bush; V.P. Cheney; Condi Rice, or one of another 25 public people I could identify by name, step forward and demand a comparison?

I guess I am just completely out-of-touch with reality.....or am I?????

Maybe it is the fellows/gals named above and included in the 25 who are really not getting the message.

I would almost guarantee you that any public person in the USA stepping forward at a news conference and demanding a comparison of the two would receive coverage....a little from the Old Guard Media, and a LOT from all the rest. PLUS, complete hand-clapping support from the American public!

I'd just love to see it! Will I???? Doubtful.


UPDATE: O.K., so now Bolton has stepped forward to speak out on the UN and the disgraceful way they operate. Not really confined to the above, but none-the-less he is speaking out! The statement is on bad management and sex as related in this Fox Newsnet item.