Friday, March 10, 2006

Dubai Traded for Halliburton?

The announcement came from the Senate floor yesterday as Senator Warner read the letter of announcment from Dubai that they would hand the US ports section of the world-wide ports deal to an American company.

Thus endeth the yell and scream success of a clutch of Democrats who sounded on the ports discussion a lot like a gaggle of geese storming around in their pen trying to warn off the fox. Actually it didn't end there as several Dems ranted on "vote it up or down".....what? on an issue that does not exist? How about voting on judicial nominees that have been hanging around for the past two-three or more years?

Now comes the fun, and from Hugh Hewitt to Capt. Ed the speculation is on.....Can it be any company other than Halliburton? Howard Dean will melt into a puddle of screaming agony!

Actually guest host Jed Babbin (Hugh's on vacation) had the Halliburton story as part of his interview of James Lileks and a nice read it is!

Capt Ed at Captain's Quarters opines on the "Dreadful Interlude".

Let the fun begin!


UPDATE: In the comments below and on his blog, Barak of IRIS Blog wrote that he felt the announcement was bogus!.

That could be, however, i am not sure his final statement that the "Army of Davids" caused this is out of perspective a bit. There was a universal display of opposition from media, GOP, Dems, Liberals, Conservatives, etc.....across the board. Bush played a well-out-of-tune piano key and just kept hitting it.