Monday, March 20, 2006

Retirement Approaches!

The post below indicates a change in the lifestyle of The Duke and Duchess!

Retirement approaches!

Duchess leaves our wonderful hospital at the end of April....after 30 plus years of service there....

I will "leave" at the end of August....I put the leaving in quotes as I am contracting with our hospital for the time following leaving for several efforts... mostly those I now do as part of my job....

The idea is, I will not become bored, and they receive services they do not have someone else to complete.

The pay is a nice thing for making retirement even more rewarding.

I'll be more into retirement as we enter same.

It is scary; fraught with questions and choices most of us are ill-prepared to handle, and just plain frustrating!

More later, I guarantee!


Update! - Part of OUR retirement is our motorhome.......this weekend we utilized it in our 1st outing with car in tow and cats aboard.....I so posted at & Then I Bought an RV my "other" site!