Friday, March 31, 2006

"Whose Backlash?" - Indeed!!!

Reverberations from the mass demonstrations by Mexican and other illegals, plus a few thousand school-skipping students, are rolling about the nation.

Victor Davis Hanson at Real Clear Politics has a major piece on the impact, and in one paragraph succinctly explains the situation....

"If many thousands of illegal aliens marched in their zeal, many more millions of Americans of all different races and backgrounds watched--and seethed. They were struck by the Orwellian incongruities--Mexican flags, chants of "Mexico, Mexico," and the spectacle of illegal alien residents lecturing citizen hosts on what was permissible in their own country."

You should just read the whole thing here.

The rumblings out of Washington do not bode well for Bush's plan, but the efforts of GOP members to stop the "amnesty" program may well help them come the fall elections. Given the Democratic proclivity for trying to stand on both sides of any issue...they will only lose or at most break even in the public eye on this issue.

After all, the Dems are just this week again involved in speaking out of both sides of their mouths.....their new message of "Strengthen security" is followed by an actual vote in which they tried to stop, in committee, part of the funding of the NSA for the coming year. During a war on terror one does not propose to cut-withhold nor abridge in any way funding for one of the prime terror-fighting tools! Unless one is a Democrat bent on political gain and not truly on dealing with the security of the country. Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters details this farce in his post "Dems Try to Starve NSA..."

Really an active time politically on several fronts.