Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Color Me Stupid! - On The Immigration Bill!

I said (below) that GWB was admitting we had to 1st address the "wall"....fencing the Mexico border; and then and only then would we address the illegal immigrants in this country. Guess what! It is apparently all smoke and mirrors.

The nice new bill crafted by our favorite two "compromisers" McCain and Kennedy, will give us nothing the last bill 20 years ago didn't give us.........AND it will give us the same area of complete lack of funding, enforcement, etc. that the previous bill gave us.

The apparent only thing we gained from the previous bill was 20 years of deterioration. The only thing we will gain from this one is MORE OF THE SAME!

Hugh Hewitt comes to the front with the news of McCain-Kennedy in this story, and then follows with the political consequences of same as offered by John Hawkins at Right Wing News.

What the HELL has the GOP allowed to happen?

Do they seriously feel they can gain a win in November when 60% of the public oppose amnesty for the Illegals.....

Just how far "Business" has Bush gone......betraying his base of conservatives, and ignoring the public in general. Actually siding almost-completely with the Democrats.

& This is supposed to bring us further into the fold of believeing John McCain is our candidate for 2008?????

WRONG Guess.