Wednesday, March 29, 2006

We Want Our Rights! - Illegals Show Their Loyalty!

While more than 60% of the population at large feels animosity for the illegals who have flooded into the USA while our government looked the other way and ignored laws already on the books, the minority say these folks want to be part of our country.

Not by my recognition of their actions. Michelle Malkin shows the true feelings of one California high school group as demonstrated.

The matter smells of anti-US in every respect. Pictures of Mexican, Honduran, and other S. American flags in the parade were ignored or edited by the Los Angeles Times as they loudly proclaimed the fact that American flags were the majority in this illegals parade of opposition to toughening the laws. Included in the parades were also signs which showed the illegal view that California is really Mexico anyway, and that they should be allowed to "take it back".

As I stated in an earlier post just color me stupid! There is no apparent bill going to clear congress that will: 1. Actually build a wall to stop the flood... or, 2. Actually give teeth to stopping any new encroachment. However, the bills will authorize illegals to stay and work toward citizenship.

Our new motto....."If you can get here, in spite of our laws, then we'll find a way to keep you"

Sad day for our country.....and, a truly sad day of compromise from the GOP which is going to succeed in both angering the illegals and their own conservative base of folks who believe we have to play by the rules. The Democrats will beat the GOP senseless with this club come November, even as they now proclaim that enactment of the new laws will violate the rights of the illegals. Watch and see if this does not turn up as an item for them to proclaim GOP abandonment for minorities!