Monday, May 01, 2006

Gasoline Price.....Whose Price, Whose Future?

I guess I am ever the skeptic......

I find on my return today, from Disney's Fort Wilderness, that gas prices in Tampa are DOWN.... Yep, they are lower than last week. The 2nd step in lowering prices!

Is there an anti-thesis to the projected $5 by July theme?

Were some of our MSM, and projection experts WRONG?????


I find the prices lower here today by .06 than a week ago!

No, not a lot, but a lowering when the pundits predict HUGE price increases!

Hope I can say.....I told you so!

It is not in the cards, folks.....The prices will reflect the demand, and the future...Our supplies are STRONG!

I hope I am right and THEY are wrong!