Thursday, April 27, 2006

Frist Goes For Pork....Despite Promises!

Senator Bill Frist (R-I don't see no stinkin pork) has joined with many others to defeat an attempt to kill Senator Lott's "Railroad to Nowhere". 49-48

The Bear has the story at "Porkbusters".

The GOP is insisting on losing the November elections. They promise a reigning in of the pork spending, and then support the biggest boondoggle since the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere".

Professor Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit, has taken the position that the GOP defeat is on:

"REPUBLICANS ARE SAGGING IN THE POLLS: Maybe, in part, it's because Harry Reid is doing better than Bill Frist in fighting pork?

Here's the kind of response that's getting from former GOP supporters: "Okay, real conservatives, Republicans, and libertarians, stay home. Just...stay home in 2006. Or - what the hell - vote for a Democrat. We have to wake up the Stupid Party, before it completely merges itself into the Republicrat Statist Party."

I think that a GOP disaster is now officially looming. "

Kiddies, it is time for a real SLAPDOWN of the GOP......hopefully to get their attention. Hopefully the slapdown in November will not give such a mandate to the equally-clueless Dems as to rock the entire process and gain us unwanted taxes as a panacea to cure all ills.

I am disgusted to find the GOP so either without a shred of ability to read the public, or simply so stubborn as to go running about Washington screaming the magnificent call of the gulls from "Nemo"......"Mine-mine-mine-mine".