Thursday, April 06, 2006

Priority Missing In Iraq Stories!

OK, I am mad. I guess I have been for more than two years. When was the last time you heard a story from Iraq by any Old Media folks, including FOX, in which there is detailed something in the country other than mayhem, bombings, killings, et al?

Me too!

Now the headlines are a different story. They include some good things....its just that they get "ranked" a bit lower than dirt.

FOX web headline today....."Shiite Shrines Blast Kills 10; Terror Suspect Nabbed"

Sounds right does it not?

However, when one reads the entire thing you find the "terror suspect" is in fact none other than Mohammed Hila Hammad Obeidi, also known as Abu Ayman, is...among other things...the man responsible for the kidnapping of Italian journalist Guiliana Sgrena; was an aide to the chief of staff of intelligence under Saddam Hussein; and, is reported to be high up the pole as a leader under the notorious Zarqawi.

While I'd never demean the loss of 10 people killed in a blast....Is not the capture of one of the primary cogs in Zarqawi's machine a major story on its own? Abu Ayman's assistant, Syrian-born Abu Qatada, was captured last year and reportedly produced a basket full of info about Zarqawi and company which led to many arrests and a weakening of the terrorist group. Do you not feel that perhaps Abu Ayman may prove to be a treasure trove?

To FOX he is a "suspected terrorist". How nice!