Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It's The FENCE, Stupid!

FENCES.....stop, NOT help the opposition defy our laws.

Somehow that message is not getting through to GWB & Company.

I could go into it, however, Michelle Malkin has rounded up most all you need to know to justify sending an email to your congressmen/senators asking some really pointed questions.....

Read Michelle here.

Not only are our laws being ignored, and not-in-the-least enforced, but also we are now notifying the Mexican Government where our Minutemen will be? That is beyond the pale!

Bush better do something about this and soon, or his credibility will be so shot he'll welcome a 10% approval rating.

Most important here, politically, is the fact that as Michelle notes this Immigration approach by the administration, coupled with the info being passed to Mexico, is a direct slap at the conservative right....the ONLY group which to this point continued to support Bush.

I am personally disgusted, and will continue to send my Pesos to the GOP, Mehlman and anyone else contacting me about GOP support.....