Thursday, May 18, 2006

CIA - Get Out of The News! (Hayden)

Ya gotta love it! General Michael Hayden's plans for the CIA bobbed to the surface in his confirmation hearing this morning faster than a helium balloon under water!

FOX is reporting: The four-star Air Force general said if he were confirmed as director of the nation's pre-eminent human intelligence agency, he would make sure the CIA focuses on the job of spying and not politics.

The intelligence community in general "has too much become the football of American political discourse," Hayden said. "CIA needs to get out of the news as source or subject and focus on protecting the American people by acquiring secrets" from U.S. enemies.

This man is really, really needed by this disfunctional, politicized arm of US intelligence. I have a feeling the anti-ulcer liquids are flowing freely in the CIA offices this morning.

He is not only right, but approaches the problem so directly and without any fluff in his words that it makes me want to watch the hearings! That is something I usually would never consider.

I find it simply delicious!