Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hello GWB; Hello GOP; Hello Big Spenders!


Speculation runs rampant among the base.....It is on all the blogs and the mouths of the radio-columnists/et al. Beware of Fall, 2006 and a revolt by the party faithful (particularly the conservatives).

Now some PROOF that this is not idle speculation. Captain Ed has the story from elections just held in Pennsylvania!

13 incumbents could lose their seats.....several already have, including a 32 year office-holder! OUCH!

Are you listening GWB? How about you, GOP?

Ignore the border, fiscal restraint, etc. some more.

Imagine, FOR REAL, a Demo majority elected by a recalcitrant, stubborn, ideology bankrupt GOP....without any form of actual Democratic campaign platform.


By the way, I am beginning to more and more agree with Ed at Captain's Quarters. WE need to stay engaged and clear out the flotsam and jetsom...