Monday, May 15, 2006

???National Guard???

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Note 3: Capt. Ed notes the group helping the "We need a Fence" crowd!

You have got to be kidding!

President Bush is already allowing leaks re: his speech this evening.

What will he offer us?

From the leaks it appears this is a bait and switch routine. If, in fact, he requests National Guard troops to free Border Patrol folks to actually patrol, it will do precious little to actually impact the influx of people from Mexico. In addition it will be stop-gap and temporary and simply expands the problem.

1st, the National Guard is under the control of the various states, not Bush.

2nd, The Guard is already stretched thin and, by the way, is there going to be funding?

3rd, this carrot and stick routine is, in my opinion, aimed at deluding folks into a temporary feeling of "doing something" while in actual fact just temporarily providing a bit of a show....much like the few arrests recently of illegals at businesses around the country. This gave the false impression something was being done. Those arrests, of course, led to simple media exposure and then the release of the illegals back into the good ol US of A. Nothing accomplished.

The one point utilization of the National Guard will accomplish is to help Bush avoid the "FENCE"....In one slick move he can try to get the House to drop their twin-pronged approach to the problem; prosecution and fence-building; while in fact doing nothing of any lasting impact.

I have not heard the plan and already believe we are about to see the old shell game in action.

I hope I am wrong! I do not believe the public is ready to swallow such a load of bad news. I believe firmly that GWB is still misreading the intensity of public opinion on this issue and attempting only a sleight-of-hand deception which might just backfire on him!

If, indeed, this is his plan, I sincerely hope it blows up in his face.


UPDATE: Michelle Malkin gets much further into the points I made above in her post "Too Little Too Late!".

If you feel as we do, contact your Senator and Congressmen and let them know Bush is barking up the wrong tree. He is actually becoming insulting to the majority of Americans who know their minds....and know they are the opposite set from the President.

UPDATE2: Hugh Hewitt goes further and speculates that failure to mention the fence by Frist in a major interview spells doom for the proposal.....
and, if true, doom for Bush's chance to right the ship of state!

I could not agree more!!!! If you have question about my position, read the following post....It's The FENCE, Stupid!

UPDATE3: Captain's Quarters has the plans for helping the we need a fence crowd... and they're not who you might suspect!