Monday, May 22, 2006

GOP Benefits How?

2006 elections! Quite the topic. I, for one, still am absolutely enraged by my GOP; both GWB and the Senators, including our own Mel Martinez. I expected Nelson, our Democrat, to be anti-everything re: control of illegal immigration. I did not expect Martinez to so much for my wishes.

However, John Hinderaker at Power Line, issues this common-sense analysis of the 2006 elections: "Once again, the Republicans can take comfort from the fact that they don't run for election against newspaper headlines; they run against Democrats. My prediction: come November, the Democrats will once again be wondering how they let their golden opportunity slip away."

The entire article, interesting reading, is available at Power Line

I am still going to be completely opposed to the bent of the illegal immigrant dog and pony show, and what I am sure we can all point fingers at in a couple of years and say "I told you so!".....right after NOTHING is actually done to stem the flow of illegals.

One final comment: It is time to arrest those folks who are so very enamored of a 10% Mexican emmigration to the USA as to want to go to the border and assist them. They are assisting in the commission of a crime.