Monday, May 22, 2006

Gas Prices.....Forever!

Why is it the prices never seem to follow the news?

Ever notice it? A few weeks ago the prices shot up and the newshounds were yelling...nee, screaming, that they would top $4 per gallon, and might edge toward $5 per gallon.

Here in Tampa I, as a new motorhome owner, watched the prices closely. Our 1st trip of any length is approaching in the 1st two weeks of June.

Tops for regular unleaded at our usual station.......$2.89 per gallon.

This morning as I drove by the sign said.......$2.69 per gallon.

The national news this morning announced a 1.4 CENT drop in gas prices. Where did the other 18.6 CENTS go?

Maybe the liberal media calculators operate differently than mine!