Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"An Inconvient (Un)Truth!"

WOW! The AlGore has a major movie next week........a major lie! No, that is not the title....it is the content.

AlGore seems to be so sold on global warming he finds it very necessary to ignore the real facts as determined by legitimate scientists.

Check this little number at The National Center for POlicy Analysis.

Seems AlGore finds the Chinese food principle most adequate for his purposes....you know, "pick one from column A and two from column B" and then ignore the rest, particularly if the rest seem to disagree with your point.

How many arguements are so incredibly strong when only one side has been presented!

Meanwhile, over at Junk Science.com the months, days and hours add up since AlGore was invited to debate the facts of global warming. Seems AlGore fears that debate as much as he feared those he lost to GWB back in the 2000 campaign. He will not respond. Perhaps it is the facts with which the Junk Science folk are armed-to-the-teeth!

I just love it when these things roll around and the MSM and AlGore run about proudly exclaiming that their story is right and by-the-way, there is NO other story to read...