Sunday, May 28, 2006

Immigration Deal "At Risk"????

Yeppers, folks....the FACTS are getting in the way of the politics from GWB!

The facts are.....the general public DOES NOT LIKE AMNESTY! & to make matters even worse for GWB, the general public feels the proposal by Bush vis-a-vis the Senate luxury pool is NOT OK!

The reports are summarized quite well by Jim VanderHei & Zachery A. Gioldfarb at WaPo... in a MUST read!!!!

The Pres is in trouble and his stubborn efforts thru the Senate to force his ideas are doomed!

The public is N-O-T buying it! They are OPPOSED to finding the illegals to be "traffic ticket" illegals.....


We can hope for backbone among the vulnerable GOP for this fall....and we CAN support THEM!!!!! Do so, and make it happen.

Give GWB a slap-of-reality alongside his smiling face!

& HELP THE GOP Cause......

I guarantee the results of passage of the Senate version of the Illegal Immigrant law will be DISASTER for the GOP this fall....

The voters have spoken! Via many polls not controlled by the GOP!