Sunday, May 28, 2006

No "Bond" Present....nor Anticipated!

Barry Bonds, most likely supported by the bionics of drugs, has moved to 2nd in the home run list for all time.

I care not for what he achieves......I care not for what his numbers are.....He is not a contender!!!

He is flawed...he is full of the mystique of what he might have done IF he had NOT....

But then, he did, and he himself has admitted he did, but "did not know".....


& I am one of those with whom you can trust your daughter cause I have a fine smile.......

I will N-E-V-E-R recognize any record set by "Mr. Steroid".....His numbers make baseball a joke. The fact that baseball has not yet decided to limit his numbers and his impact speaks to the fact of baseball's decline in the public image.

Can you not feel it, Mr. Commissioner?????

I am a "Stan-The-Man" baseball observer.....where have you gone baseball?????