Saturday, May 27, 2006

But, What about the FENCE???

The buzz today from Captain Ed to Dafydd is on a memo by a RNC Stratigist which claims strong support for SOME illegal-dealing bill.....and, believe it or not, those polled seem bent upon the plan as non-amnesty!

At Big Lizards Dafydd explains his take.

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters also emotes upon the apparent acceptance.

Am I the only one who notices the quite deft management of the "multiple" polls by RNC Strategist Dowd to provide fodder to project GWB as a winner in the eyes of the public....all the while ignoring ANY mention of the FENCE!

If someone asks the right question; "Should a fence be built to cut off the flow of illegals across the Mexican border prior to any amnesty program?"; I'd bet you 90% of those polled would issue a resounding YES!.

GWB and his stalwart protectors, Dowd included, are shoving the complete fence under the rug while tossing out bon-bons of a 370 mile fence on a 2,000 mile border.

How bout such a poll? Actually there have been polls which indicate just what I suppose; nothing original by me at all. Those polls seem oddly missing now in this current presentation. Perhaps because it would "muddy" the waters as the House is asked by GWB and the Senate to drop most of their proposals.

Where's My Fence?