Saturday, June 24, 2006

Whoops! There Goes Another ACLU - Kerploop!

Yeppers! - It took only a day after the completely legal financial checks of the USA were unveiled by the Grey Anti-US Lady before the ACLU piled on with their rhetorical look at this completely legal program and stating their opposition to it.

This anti-Bush organization (for that seems to be their only program these days) is speaking from the depth of their souls about something they cannot find to be either illegal nor internationally objectionable.....

Captain Ed (Captain's Quarters), from his recliner as he recovers from back surgery, covers it with this statement...

"The ACLU enjoys a large membership of attorneys, many of whom work in specific Constitutional law regarding civil liberties. They have a vast wealth of talent from which to call for in-depth analyses. And yet, in reviewing their statement alleging criminality and abuse of power against the government, the ACLU cannot cite any statute or regulation violated by the Swift project. Not one. Why? Because, as the New York Times report explicitly states, it doesn't violate any laws at all. (my emphasis!)

Not only that, but anyone operating within the US banking system -- at least at those facilities insured by the FDIC and FSLIC -- the government has access to data on individual banking customers whenever it wants to access it. Any institution insured by the federal government has to give federal regulators access to their records during any extensive examination. Not only that, but since most accounts pay interest, the IRS also gets all of the information on these accounts, including taxpayer numbers and other private information.

However, in this case, the Swift project targeted only those people already indentified as terrorists or terrorist financiers, and the focus was on international transactions. The government brought in outside auditors to ensure that the information requested remained within the boundaries of their power. Most of all, George Bush told us on a number of occasions that the United States would track these transactions around the world to find terrorists and their enablers. The project itself has never been a secret; only the methods used remained clandestine."

There seems no end of the idiocy of today's organization which I am now ashamed to admit I found necessary and useful 20 years ago. Shame on me! Perhaps its new name should be a combination title, given its completely unhinged leftist bias.....

How about the AKALU....... "American Kos Anti Liberties Union"

If they could just shut down that pesky constitution, then they could get this all organized in a true Socialist way.

Can you tell I am Pixxed off?