Friday, June 23, 2006

When Doves Imitate Hawks...

Two former Clinton advisors, William Perry and Ashton Carter, have offered their opinion that we should destroy Kim Jong Il's missle on the launch pad....

Gabriel Schoenfeld, in an op-ed for the LATimes, shows us they wore a different set of feathers when advising then-President Clinton.

More brave now that they don't actually have a say in things, or attempting to give advise they would themselves not follow?

Lots of Clinton advisors seem to have different answers today than when they were actually running things.

The real nugget in Schoenfeld's article goes beyond the comments by Clinton's advisors and addresses the real problem left behind by Clinton: "Two doleful lessons follow, both in the realm of ornithology. First, if we had acted like hawks in 1994, before North Korea had a nuclear capability, we might not be facing a potentially nuclear-tipped Taepodong missile today. Second, the case of Perry and Carter reveals that in the right political climate, it is possible to train doves to twitter like hawks. Getting them to fly like hawks is a far more difficult feat. "