Saturday, June 24, 2006

Dems & GOP Should Be Red-Faced On Kerry!!!

Man, but my feelings seem to always be a step behind the acute and incisive statements of Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit).....and once again he cuts thru the bullxxit and gets it right it in his reference to the Investors Business Daily article....and his summation.

We, as a nation, seem bent upon repeating the sins of the former generation.... including sKerry and his crew.

This is in large part due the obvious bias of the MSM toward the "cut and run"/we are guilty as-a-nation/liberal viewpoint they espouse.

I am I have said many time before....ashamed these days to say I was a radio/TV newsman/news director.....Of course my time was 30 plus years ago.... when "news" was news....and not editorial comment displayed as news.....We did our editorials labeled as such....and our news with BOTH sides presented fairly!

Wonder what would happen today if some media form would choose such a route (no, FOX does not...although they are more right-leaning than the MSM in general.....)

Of course, such a move by any media entity would be greeted by the MSM as "Conservative-controlled media"....

Shame it is my friends.....