Sunday, June 25, 2006

Points for Maliki in Iraq....

“As long as there is an occupation and an illegitimate government, the resistance and insurgency will continue,” Thus the reply by 11 groups of terrorists to the offer by the Iraqi government to help them be reassimilated back into society. Of course their idea of a "legitimate government" is one in their hell with the desires of the people!

Captain's Quarters own Captain Ed has the explanation and some nice comments on how this reply may indeed cost the terrorists a great deal. Read it.

The movements by the Coalition and the Iraqi Government seems to appear as an organized effort which may more-rapidly expose and eliminate the opposition.

Today we hear plans for return of several brigades of our soldiers to the USA...over time. HELLLLOOOOOO Democrats cut and run artists.....We are withdrawing...but in a logical sound way.

I'm encouraged, and wish I could be the same about a US solution to the illegals who flood our country and sap its social services without input to our economy... except possibly to those businesses ("Bush Buddies?") who utilize these illegals.

Sorry, that is a different rant!