Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mr. Chair-man?

Instapundit has a new chair and wrote of its capabilities as both a folding chair and lay-back lounger.

The Duchess and I just went through the winnowing down of multiple chairs to a pair we bought for our new RV shown here in my RV blog story on our first trip from Tampa to Jacksonville. Does not the Duchess seem relaxed.

The chairs we got were $47.?? at Walmart, and now I find they are discounted to a couple of bucks lower.

We began looking at Camping World, a superstore at our "world's largest RV dealership" Lazydays here in Tampa. Their chairs, while nice and obviously a bit heavier (is that a good thing?) than ours, are in the $129 - $199 range. Not in my way of budgeting!

Our chairs make nice nap centers, and with a pair of small plastic folding tables beside them we can have coffee/beer/wine/newspaper/books at an easy reach. The chairs are at Camping World for $10....or on-sale at two for $10.

We are finding many reasonable things for the coach.