Tuesday, July 25, 2006

One War - Two Viewpoints!

Perhaps the most difficulty in attempting to bring some semblance of order to the current Israeli - Hezbollah war is the complete lack of a common view by the sides involved.

I will, first of all, admit that my view is fairly in line with that of the Israelis.

Within the last day or two the Hezbollah (has anyone else noticed there are at least five different spellings of the group's name?) leader, Hassan Nasrallah indicated Lebanon's government was aware of their plans to abduct soldiers, and more-to-the-point of this piece, was genuinely surprised about both Isreal's strong response, and the lack of support from Arab nations in this piece on MEMRI TV.

Meanwhile, a left-leaning member of the Israeli government, Isaac Herzog, strongly supported the Israeli position, and spoke of the difference between Israeli targeting of primarily military targest as compared to the Hezbollah:

"Israel today is facing a sustained onslaught from one of the world's most dangerous and effective terrorist organisations. In the past few days, 1,000 rockets and 1,200 mortar rounds have been hurled across the border by Hizbullah at hospitals, schools and homes. Their intention is the killing and maiming of Israelis in general."

Herzog's entire article is available at the Guardian and should be read!

There should be no surprise over the different views.

This difference of view is what will make any attempt at a cease fire nearly impossible. The saving grace here will be the eventual destruction of Hazbollah military capability. Then negotiation can be held....but hopefully not until Israel has completed the job.

What is still almost unbelievable is the MSM...here and across Europe...painting the picture of dead civilians from Israeli bombs, weapons....and a complete lack of coverage of the fact Hezbollah is trying to destroy all of Israel, including their primary targeting of civilian, not military targets.