Tuesday, August 08, 2006

MSM - PR Wing of the Terrorist World!

The stories are too numerous to tell....however, some of the interesting stuff to be skimmed will brighten your day if you are part of the world wishing more exposure of the MSM bias.

The Reuters fiasco is widening by the minute. Doctored photos are now only a footnote! Photographer Hajj's work is shreded by exposure of some quite-apparent posing and staging in Power Line's piece "A Bridge Too Wierd!"

Charles Johnson (Mr. LittleGreenFootballs to you!) is on CNN and talking about the pictures which he seems to have had the lead in exposing...read and watch here!

I love Johnson's closing statement on the topic: "One of my mottos used to be, “It still isn’t weird enough.” OK. Now it’s weird enough."

Then, of course, there are the facts of the MSM avoidance of facts........

Israel bombs UN site where Hezbollah sits adjacent, sending rockets.....MSM and UN go into a tizzy. Hezbollah hits UN site and hurst three UN peacekeepers.....hardly an MSM footnote. Israel hurts/kills citizens in Qana and other parts of Lebanon while actively hunting non-uniformed terrorists firing at them.....UN demonizes Israel.....with Kofi Annon even considering the fact the Israelis may be guilty of war crimes. Hezbollah sends 2,500 rockets into Israeli civilian territory, no MSM or UN comment.