Monday, August 07, 2006

Lieberman in Stretch Drive!

One day before the Connecticut election which will probably determine whether Senator Joe Lieberman serves as that state's senator as a Democrat or an Independent, the race is closing.

A Quinnipiac University poll indicates the margin dropped from 54 to 41 percent favoring Ned Lamont one week ago to a much-closer 51 to 45 percent this week. The numbers are nearing the poll's margin of error.

Perhaps the voters (Democratic) in Connecticut are sharpening their view of the political situation, and finding that Mr. "One Note" Lamont, whose entire campaign is based on opposition to the war is not the total answer. The view is also tempered by the recognition that the large percentage of independent voters in Connecticut could well take Lieberman to the Senate again....but now as an Independent.

Lieberman sez he'll vote the same if Democrat or Independent....however, the voters may realize not supporting their multi-term Senator through the party will lead to at least the possibility of loss on any close votes as Lieberman may have just a tad less loyalty to the Democrats.

Interesting to watch.

Moving the focus, the KOSkids have, of course, staked a bunch on this move to do away with a pro-war Senator in favor of a really strong Liberal on their side with no platform. If they manage to take the Dem nomination and then Lieberman takes the Fall election as an Independent, the defeat for the KOSkids will be just as bitter.